(EVE prepares to give birth)
(Monday from Light) (1984-1988)
(for 14 solo voices, 6 solo instrumentalists (piano, bassett horn, flute, piccolo, synthesizer, etc...), 1 actor, choir, children’s choir, girls’ choir, modern orchestra (3 synthesizer players, 1 percussionist, tape))

     MONTAG is EVE's day, the Day of Birthing. EVE is represented by bassett horn and flute. EVE gives birth to a new form of Mankind, but the children and their caretakers are mocked by LUCIFER. In the end a Pied Piper flautist leads the children off into the distance.
The color for MONDAY is LIGHT GREEN.

MONDAY GREETING Bassett horn and tape
EVE'S 1st BIRTH-GIVING: 3 Sopranos, 3 Tenors, Bass, actor, choir, 
children’s choir, 3 synthesizers, perc., tape
         EXPECTING (feat. 3 Sopranos and choir)
         HEINZELMÄNNCHEN (feat. 3 Sopranos)
         BIRTH-ARIAS (feat. 3 Sopranos, 3 Tenors w. choir)
         BOYS' HULLABALOO (feat. choir)
         LUCIFER'S FURY (feat. Bass vocal soloist and vocalizing actor)
EVE'S 2nd BIRTH-GIVING: 7 Boy vocal soloists, bassett horns, piano, children's choir,
girls' choir, 3 synthesizers, perc., tape
           GIRLS' PROCESSION (feat. girl's choir)
(feat. piano (PIANO PIECE XIV))
           RE-BIRTH (feat. children's choir)
           EVE'S SONG (feat. bassett horn, synthesizer, boy vocalists)
EVE'S MAGIC: Bassett horn, alto flute with piccolo, 
children's choir, 3 synthesizers, perc., tape
           MESSAGE (feat. bassett horn and alto flute soloists)
           THE PIED PIPER/ (feat. alto flute, piccolo, children's choir)
MONDAY FAREWELL Tape featuring piccolo flute, Soprano voices and musique concrete

Links are provided above to analyses devoted to the individual works for deeper exploration.

Released on Stockhausen Edition CD 36

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