(from the Course of the Years)
(Tuesday from Light) (1977, 1987-1991)
(for 3 solo voices, 10 solo instrumentalists (trumpets, trombones, electronic keyboards and percussion, synthesizer, flugel horn, etc...), dancer-mimes, choir, synthesizers, perc., tapes)

     DIENSTAG is the Day of War. LUCIFER and MICHAEL engage in a contest of wills in a "Course of the Years". Later the opposing forces of each battle in the air and on a futuristic battleground. The forces of LUCIFER penetrate a crystal barrier to reveal "war gamers". In the end a clownish figure, the Synthi-Fou defuses the conflict with his good humor.
The color for TUESDAY is RED.

TUESDAY GREETING: Soprano vocal soloist, 9 trumpets, 9 trombones, 
2 synthesizers, choir
     WELCOME (feat. trumpets, trombones, 2 synthesizers)
     PEACE GREETING (feat. Soprano soloist)
COURSE OF THE YEARS Tenor, Bass vocal soloists, dancer-mimes, 3 synthesizers, 3 piccolo flutes, 
3 sopr. saxophones, harmonium, guitar, metal percussion, tape
INVASION – EXPLOSION with FAREWELL: Soprano, Tenor, Bass vocal soloists, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, 
flugel horn, 2 synthesizers, 2 percussionists, choir, tape (OKTOPHONIE)
     OKTOPHONIE (8 channel tape)
     PIETA (feat. Soprano and flugel horn)
     BEYOND (feat. male choir (CT, T, B) and tape)
     SYNTHI-FOU (feat. synthesizer soloist (PIANO PIECE XV))

Links are provided above to analyses devoted to the individual works for deeper exploration.

Released on Stockhausen Edition CD 40

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